Is it Healthy?

Drive time from my home to NPH or from my home to church gives me a lot of time to think, pray, catch up on news on various stations, or dialog with my kids!  I can get a lot done in drive time.  Recently I was driving to work during our first winter snow and a segment came up on public radio (don’t shout me down) about watching what we eat.  The question of the news piece was – do we really know what we are eating?  Is what we are eating really that healthy?

The piece went on to talk about additives like Yellow #40 or Red #5 or other items with super long names.  This made me think about my own life and the church I serve.  Am I healthy?  Is my relationship with God and my wife healthy?  Are the things I listen to or consume in my diet healthy?  Is the church I serve as pastor healthy?  Is the leadership I’m providing to them healthy?

Some of the resources I’ve suggested to pastors in the past, and would suggest to you today in the area of healthy church assessment, will be things I plan to use in the days and months ahead with my own leadership team where I serve.  These are some things I highly recommend to get started.

1) The Healthy Small Church: Diagnosis and Treatment for the Big Issues by Dennis Bickers.  NOTE: The free download PowerPoint to use with your group training session.

2) The Healthy Pastor: Easing the Pressures of Ministry by Dennis Bickers.  NOTE: eBook Versions.

3) Intentional Ministry in a Not-So-Mega Church: Becoming a Missional Community by Dennis Bickers.

4) NEW in 2012!! The Healthy Community: Moving Your Church Beyond Tunnel Vision by Dennis Bickers

5) Not-So-Oldy but a Goody! What’s a Pastor to Do? The Good and Difficult Work of Ministry by Jeren Rowell.

Hey, I’m praying for you and your ministry.

What is God doing in your life and ministry as a BV pastor?

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