God’s Call- My Priorities

The other day I awakened to this fresh thought.  God trusts me in all this!  God has called me to be a bivocational pastor for this very hour in the life of St. Paul’s!  It’s not by default or some other mythical reason that I’m bivocational (we’ll explore those myths later).  He has called me to this special and privileged task.  As soon as that settled on my Spirit I was swept by an overwhelming sense of gratitude and thanksgiving.  These emotions were quite opposite of some of the emotions I had been experiencing such as not being a fully-funded pastor and desiring to do all I’d like to do in these days.  I’ve settled in on this unique and special call and am thrilled that God trusts me to balance it all – that He trusts me that my priorities will be in keeping with His priorities.

This trust and blessing has then led me to do some rethinking and restructuring of time!  Rethinking of priorities!  I’m sure this comes as no shock to you?  Once we move beyond the idea and reality of this dual role as pastor and marketplace employee, we must then re-write again our priorities.  I did this recently.  I call it a fresh perspective to my “rule of life.”  Here it is…

#1 – My relationship with God! (Personal Bible Study and Prayer outside of preaching study)

# 2 – My relationship with Jeni (my wife), my kids, my home life.  All sacred.  Time with these precious people should be intentional and guarded.

# 3 – My health and well-being.  I like to run and participate in other sports activities alone and with my family.  My suggestion, get a YMCA pass and use it often.

# 4 – Other family commitments.  I have extended family in the area.  How am I doing as a son and brother?

# 5 – NPH and St. Paul’s Church of the Nazarene

I challenge you today to revisit your “rule of life” or make a “rule of life.”  God’s call on you and His transformative work and power through you is wonderful, but only as wonderful as the priorities you make when you and I are in alignment to the Person and purposes of God Himself.

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